Pandaw Cruise

Take the opportunity of exploring on three great South-East Asian rivers: Burma, Irrawaddy and Chindwin Rivers on our splendid Pandaw expeditions through a range of prosperous and warmly lands. Pandaw expeditions contains 8 cruises in total: RY Kalay Pandaw (2013, 5 cabins), RV Katha Pandaw…


RV Paukan Cruise

RV Paukan 2014 is known as the newest and most well-appointed of the Ayravata Cruise Company. This is a great choice for you to carry out the great Irrawaddy River of Myanmar. Experience another world while travelling on board which is elegant and stylish as the age of colonial period. Take the…


Anawrahta Cruise

The Irrawaddy River in Myanmar is a source of permanence and optimism in the country. Get a taste of what awaits you in this area with our luxury cruise Anawrahta which will surely bring you the most excellent onboard experience. This extraordinary vessel is named after a monk who was renowned for…

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