Sustainability is no longer niche market and people need to bear in mind that natural resources are not unlimited. Everyone is responsible to protect their environment and society. As a responsible tour operator, Asia EZ committed to the following:

We care about society and the environment

  • We will try our best to reduce our footprint and minimize environmental negative impacts.
  • We won’t promote any products/services that can harm to the nations.

We support Animal Welfare

  • We will preserve the flora and fauna of the natural world by strongly suggesting clients not to buy illegal souvenirs that are made with wildlife animals.
  • We do not promote elephants riding and even clients request us, we convince them not to do and explain why we shouldn’t ride. (Elephants are one of the wild animals. Since the childhoods, elephants are isolated from their mothers before breastfeeding and trained by using the abusive training methods to follow their trainers and let people ride.)

We fight against Child Sex Tourism

  • We suggest clients not to give gifts or money directly to children and take them away without permission from their parents or supervision as it may lead them to trust the strangers easily. Nobody can guarantee that everyone have the best intentions in mind and we need to minimize the potential risks.
  • We do not offer school or orphanage visit in our itineraries as children are not tourist attraction and visiting orphanages may encourage poor parents to send their kids to orphanages especially in rural areas.

We commit to our customers

  • We provide relevant and useful tips about the trips/destinations to our customers for smooth communications/interaction with nations.
  • Making sure that we understand the needs and wants of the customers and deliver customer services that beyond their expectations – not just meeting their needs.
  • Since we registered Travelife, we are working on guidelines for our clients about “How to be a responsible traveler” and will let them know that their vacations do not harm anyone and even benefits for the people who are in the place that they visit.

We commit to fight against global warming

Our primary goal is to create Greener Office and here below is our in house best practices.


  • We set our copy machine to use both sides of paper, narrow our margin settings and edit on computers and double check before printing. Using this way, our printer uses less paper and cut our consumption in half.
  • For tissue paper, employees are encouraged to use only what is needed and not waste.
  • Turn off lights while we absent for a long time or when we leave the office. Making sure that we turn on and off whenever entering or leaving the bathroom/toilet. In some case employees are encouraged to use natural daytime light instead of electrical lighting.


  • We ban non-sustainable products like plastic/foam materials in the office unless it’s necessary.
  • We provide reusable water bottles to the employees for the moment and plan to provide to the clients in the future.


  • Employees are encouraged to use recycled materials to reduce waste of disposals.
  • We will cooperate with local sustainable associations and find alternative ways to recycle most of the materials.

We commit to expand our business in sustainable way

  • Winning together culture is one of our core values – not just only for the company itself, all stakeholders have the opportunities to get the same benefits as the company.
  • We always provide vocational training for our employees depends on their roles and responsibilities and keep the good practices in order to maximize their potential and to become our business more sustainable.
  • We will engage sustainable oriented partners as best we can for long term engagement beyond monetary contribution and build winning partnerships.
  • We will positively influence our clients and other stakeholders to actively involving in strong movement of Responsible Tourism.
  • We will donate certain percentage of our profits to local projects like HIV/AIDS or Cancer Foundation.

For further information on our sustainability policies and practices, please do not hesitate to contact our Sustainability Coordinator here.

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